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AUDIPROD Freestyle learning tool

Project Description

Freestyle learning tool (web and mobile) with affiliate program

AudiProd is a flexible, easy-to-use web and mobile application (PWA) that allows trainers, educators and coaches (publishers) in various fields of specialization to make free or paid content (audio or video) available to their audience through two main tools, namely the library and the virtual classroom. It also has several tools to add value to the services it offers, such as easy sharing of content via social networks and communication ( like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn etc.), notifications (like whatsapp or facebook), assessments in the form of MCQs, payment methods that are both international and adapted to Africa (paypal, credit card, mobile payment), etc.

Its simplicity of use and its permanent interactivity between content publishers and end-users bring an added value in its adoption and use.

Content publishers can earn money by selling their content while, thanks to its affiliate program, anyone who has no content to publish can earn money by promoting the available content.

Audiprod targets two types of audiences
– anyone who is involved in a process of intellectual edification in any field while saving their learning time (no matter where they are and at their own pace)
– anyone who has quality audio or video content they want to make money with, but are willing to free themselves from any time, technical or financial constraints to set up a system to achieve this goal. (Audiprod is a turnkey solution)

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Project Details

  • Date Tuesday August 24th, 2021
  • Tags IT Consultancy, Mobile & Web Project Mgt
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