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Translation for an iPad App

English to French

Project Description

An assessment for children with Autism app needs to be translated from English to French. Everything from simple words like cancel, export, add student to long sentences all need translation. A representative sample is attached. It is 129 lines in length and the whole document is 10,000 lines in length. Note that translation only needs to occur on every third line.

If you want to be considered for this project, you must:

1. Speak French fluently.
2. Translate the attached sample using the example above as your guideline on how to translate the file. Whatever comes after text = ” needs to be translated and put into [number].text = ”  area i.e. 1253.text = “french equivalent goes here”
3. Get the sample done right thus showing you are willing to take the job seriously and not waste my time.
4. Tell me how many hours of work you think it will take based on the fact that the sample is 1% of the whole document.

If you are awarded this work and get it done in one week or less, we have more work for you and I pay bonuses for accurate and thorough work.

Project Details

  • Client Data Makes the Difference, LLC
  • Date July 22, 2013
  • Tags Translation & Copyright

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