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French Proofreading

Freshly Translated Website

Project Description

Proofreader to go through newly translated website and make sure that everything reads well.

1) My main goal is to make sure that the content is not too controversial. We are not an escort agency, and we do not condone prostitution.. This is supposed to be a fun, new way to date, where women’s time is compensated with money. This has been a big success.

2) Secondary goal is to make sure that our content makes sense and the user experience is good when using the dating site.

If you accept these terms, I will pass over the google doc proofreading file (which includes URLs english text, and current translation), as well as specific rules for fixing translations.

In total the website contains 45,000 words. Please let me know the cost for this project.

Project Details

  • Client WhatsYourPrice
  • Date June 14, 2014
  • Tags Translation & Copyright
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