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Project Description

An ERP for freight/groupage & warehousing management processes


Automate your customers’ shipping, warehousing and invoicing operations with peace of mind thanks to the flexibility and user-friendliness of the DESTLINES software solution.

Make the most of DESTLINES’s simplicity and high level of adaptability to manage all your shipping, warehousing and invoicing operations.

Better visibility on processes and performance reviews of your company is now assured thanks to the high-performance of traceability system provided by DESTLINES, for all types of shipping operations, whether by sea, air, rail or road.

Get rid of all other operational concerns and now focus on strategic goals and relationship between your company and your customers interactions with a real-time notification and tracking system that is highly intuitive and user-friendly for you and your customers.


DESTLINES was designed and developed with the support and benevolent expertise provided by several specialists and workers in the field of freight transit around the world. Putting aside how flexible the software can be deployed and used, all of its features are geared towards satisfying the requirements related to logistics, invoicing, payment, warehousing, customer relationship management, accounting, etc. This solution package is intended for:

  • Package forwarding/groupage companies,
  • Freight forwarding companies, and
  • Freight carriers.

The DESTLINES software may be adapted to all sizes of the abovementioned companies, regardless of the number of operational staff, the number of offices, their geographical location, with or without reshipment of goods, etc.

All four types of shipping, namely RAIL, MARITIME, ROAD and AIR, are also taken into account in this software solution. The flexibility of the software also allows you to switch easily and instantly from one type of shipment to another, especially if you plan on reshipping previously shipped goods.



  • Registration of packages: All the information related to the shipment of the package is taken into account in this initial step either by the customer or by an operator. Depending on the type of shipment, destination, weight, etc., the price of the package is either generated during check-in or entered manually by an operator.
  • Preparation and shipment:The operator entrusted with this function may group together packages according to shipping requirements, create and manage packing slips for the routing of packages to the desired destination.
  • Reception of packages:The operator shall ensure that packages are received and forwarded to the next processing stage (delivery to the customer, storage for reshipment or later delivery, immediate reshipment).
  • Warehousing and/or delivery:Packages that are not immediately delivered to the customer are made available to the warehouse pending their delivery to the customer or their reshipment process is initiated to a new destination.


  • Automated invoice creation:Customer invoices are automatically generated and, based on your company’s tax regime, the system automatically integrates this data into the final invoice if you have set up the inclusion of any taxes.  Once the invoice has been generated, your customer, who is automatically informed, may already proceed to payment before their goods get to their destination.
  • Payments:According to the payment requirements agreed with the customer, payments may either be spread out or not, with any surplus taken into account (the excess amount that has been recorded on behalf of a customer will be taken into account at the next payment made by the customer).
  • Interoperability with existing accounting software:With the aim of facilitating the accounting operations of shipping and package storage activities, you may view and export your financial data at any time to reuse it in accounting software such as SAGE and others. Using a special algorithm, the relevant financial report is generated using a special algorithm that can be configured according to your business requirements.


  • Notifications: Your customers are notified by email or SMS of the key steps involved in the shipping process of their packages, the arrival of invoices, payment operations, etc. In future updates, your customers will be able to receive notifications via WhatsApp or receive shipment status via SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Tracking: Customers may consult the position of their package shipping process via an interface put at their disposal. Using an advanced package research algorithm, operators may also provide this information instantly.
  • Customer packaging report:An advanced customer tracking algorithm allows operators or administrators to instantly get a summary or detailed report of a customer’s merchandise or payment status and to contact the customer if needed.


Here we are talking about the types of package logistics processing cycles that can be handled by the DESTLINES software solution.


This scenario is applied when the arrival of the packages at their destination requires a single shipping route


This scenario is applied when the company has to make several stopovers between shipments in order to reach the final destination


  • you need to ensure business continuity and processing speed by assigning the same profile to more than one operator and allowing one operator to perform multiple functions;
  • you may at any time identify the position of a package in the shipping chain according to how extensive your profile is (offices, function).Therefore, the operator may carry out, if necessary, the operations related to the function he/she has enabled among those granted to him/her, and to the office to which he/she has visibility;
  • you also get full visibility into the packaging and invoicing reports of the customer of your choice. This allows a better assessment of the customer’s value to the company so that the customer can take advantage of any promotional benefits if necessary;
  • with an intuitive and enhanced dashboard, you will have a real-time overview of all packaging, warehousing and invoicing activities;
  • you can save time by improving the planning and monitoring of your customers’ shipping, warehousing and merchandise operations, and by enhancing the payment of your invoices and liabilities; and
  • track the activities of your operators in real time to identify their workloads, remotely coordinate processing processes, untangle bottlenecks, coordinate the resolution of potential disputes related to lost packages or delays in shipment, payment, delivery, warehousing, etc.


Ensure full control and visibility over four main areas of operation in the shipment of packages

Bid farewell to Excel spreadsheets, multiple list transfer delays with high risk of errors and omissions, and reduce unstructured communications (email, WhatsApp, SMS and phone) when collaborating with your work team and customers.


  • Save your resources on communication with your customers and employees.
  • Thanks to a web-based single point of control, your warehouse and your entire package supply chain will have better visibility into your package activities.
  • Use a confirmation process at every step of any procedure to reduce the risk of losing a package.
  • Take advantage of a solid and structured task planning process at each step of your package shipping chain.
  • Formally identify the carriers and choose them on the basis of their rates, transport deadlines and shipping and delivery guarantees.
  • Take advantage of operations controlled by a highly customizable workflow system in a user-friendly app.


Improve traceability and proof of package tracking and delivery

  • Automated notification to end-customers via SMS on the position of each package at departure, arrival, and delivery.
  • Real-time package tracking report.
  • Possibility to trace the itinerary of a package so as to find it if it gets missing.


  • Save time and money with the pre-invoicing process.
  • Make payment terms flexible by paying in installments.
  • Take advantage of a system that calculates customer payment adjustments and takes into account current taxes.
  • Improve cash visibility with daily reports by office/customer/operator.
  • Instantly print invoices and remittance receipts from your customers.
  • Export financial data (invoices, payments) for accounting operations on specialized software such as SAGE.


  • Enable and manage package warehousing invoicing (invoicing delays).
  • Enjoy better resource planning with visibility into inbound and outbound package flows.
  • Improve real-time tracking and tracing of inbound shipment information


This app is accessible via the cloud and in the form of a subscription.

  • Our servers are secure and regular backups are carried out to ensure security against data loss and rapid service recovery in the event of a disaster.
  • Relieved of the technical constraints, you only have to handle the functional aspect of your business.
  • With this software solution undergoing constant evolution, you will benefit from regular and automatic updates without service interruption and a permanent and diligent follow-up to resolve any bugs you may encounter while using it.
  • You may upgrade or downgrade your package at any time in line with the growth of your company.

Project Details

  • Date Tuesday July 23rd, 2019
  • Tags IT Consultancy, Mobile & Web Project Mgt
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