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Community Representative – France

Project Description

-Execute creative and innovative content across social media channels and AlwaysOnVacation Blog in the France market.
-Post content and be highly responsive to comments and feedback across social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)
-Meet all blog writing requirements:
-Submit at least one blog post every two weeks (bi-weekly) to the Global Community Manager.
-Relevant content relating to our blog topics: Travel Tips, Top Destinations and Events,Always Experience, and Friends & Family.
-Relevant content relating to the regions where we have rental and hosted properties.
-500-600 word posts with at least 2-3 photos (You must own the rights to photos you use! Or, use photos that are open to public use and are not copyrighted.)
-Well-written content with consistent and logical voice as described in [our] Copywriting Style Guide for Blog Posts.
-Become accessible to the blogging community in respective market
-Manage responses to negative and positive feedback
-Generate buzz and interest in various forms of digital media
-Blog posts are to be sent to the Global Community Manager at least one week before we run them. We like to run timely blog posts in conjunction with events or seasonal travel, so please make sure your blog post is relevant!

Project Details

  • Client AlwaysOnVacation
  • Date Thursday June 6th, 2013
  • Tags Marketing Services
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